Why the Cloud is Engaging My Generation

The Millennium Crowd Living in the Cloud

By Heather Peterson

A recently popular movie made the claim “no one understands the cloud.” Au contraire. Not only do certain people understand the cloud, they prefer it. The most influential group with the highest purchasing power strictly use cloud based apps and software. NapaMillennials (today’s Americans aged 18-33)  grew up with cloud technology and have come to expect apps and software to be web-based as well as mobile compatible. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Millennials “now makes up a third of the workforce– and will account for one of every two workers by 2020.”[1] Like the recent nearby earthquake in Napa, the ground has suddenly shifted and the question is no longer when.


Cloud apps already adopted by the millennial group have seen exponential growth in users over time. Top cloud apps such as Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. have taken on a new life. These apps can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. Following their path, Microsoft recently released Office for mobile devices using the cloud. Finally adapting cloud software, buyers shifted behavior from purchasing software for their server to activating cloud software like Easy-Commission with a click of a web button.


Earlier this year, Forbes published an article that commented on the, “very fact that you’re reading [an article about cloud software] marks a milestone.”[2] Welcome to the norm of young professionals storing important information, documents, software, applications, etc. in an online space. Forbes acclaims the push towards the cloud due to the many benefits such as, “access from anywhere, integration with other popular third party cloud application software, better backup, quicker bug fixes and immediate access to upgrades. And, let’s face it: better security.” Furthering Forbes’ point, readers most likely viewed the article using mobile devices which is a growing trend we see from visitors to our CellarStone websites.


Intuit, the leading developer of financial software stated, “By 2020, 78% of small businesses will be fully adapted to the cloud, up from 37% in 2014.”[3] Holy Toledo!  Did you feel the tremble? In six short years, 78% of small businesses will be fully adopted to the cloud.  In the meantime, innovative companies already on a web-based format will continue to dominate the market. Accounting marketplaces such as Intuit, Xero, Intacct, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and Net Suite will see further acceleration in the cloud.  CellarStone is well positioned to service the added complexity of managing sales performance management. Solutions such as Easy-Commission, is a cloud based solution that provides users with both web and mobile access. Easy-Commission succeeds in the space of cloud technology in the following ways.

  1. Complete Access. Utilize the software on the go anywhere at anytime.
  2. Connectability. QuickBooks directly integrated in Easy-Commission provides an easy connection between the two applications.
  3. All in one.  All statements and data are always in one secure and convenient location. Eliminating the need for Excel, statement are electronically routed to sales reps.
  4. Simple Setup. Implementation no longer involves installing apps on your server and setting up user permissions. Instead the process takes you quickly to user account set-up and the importing of your data.  Customers spend a fraction of the time on set-up compared to the experience of loading all those CDs on your computer


Cloud accounting packages are knocked for being too general and not deep enough to handle the many complexities of companies everywhere. Some of that is true criticism as accounting providers such as Intuit write a whole new accounting platform that leverages the web versus putting the old DOS software in a web environment.  Expect the accounting solution providers, such as Intuit, to bet heavily on the changing trends and to focus even more resources so they can handle more and more diverse customer needs.  Also, expect the many third party application providers such as CellarStone to continue to accelerate change within their areas of expertise especially when the ability to pass data becomes more seamless. The combined stack of cloud technology solutions will provide a rich environment of solutions that the new generation will quickly adopt.


Feel the tremor?  For those that live near the epicenter, the cracks in the walls were clearly evident.  For those that lived 30+ miles away, we were awoken by the jolt and provided a warning of things to come.  Have we also started to see the ground shift in the accounting software world?  The trends are undeniable.




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