Top 3 Features of a Good Sales Compensation Software

Sales Compensation SoftwareTop 3 Features of a Good Sales Compensation Software

I was looking through the World Wide Web when I happened to click on one of the bookmarks on my browser. It inadvertently led me to a website that had a list of math problems that you can solve. The math problems weren’t the likes of simple addition or multiplication problems though.

The list of math problems were example situations that you had to solve to get the amount of sales commission that your sales rep would get.

Interesting. I had completely forgotten about that bookmark.

It started with a really basic scenario like, “Ryan earns 20% for every sales commission software that he sells. If Ryan had sold $78,000 worth of sales commission software this month, how much sales commission does he get?”

It got more and more complex, adding base pay, bonus, and more variables to the equation.

As I looked at each of the equation / scenario, it got me thinking. If I was the sole sales compensation administrator for a company that had 200 sales reps, and each sales rep had a unique sales compensation plan with varying complexities and different payout schedules, I’d probably have a massive headache every week. I can just about imagine long lines of sales reps everyday outside my office door waiting to talk to me. Each one would ask something like “Where is my commission for X Company?” or “Why wasn’t I paid the commission for X Project in this cut-off?”

The solution to this problem scenario is really simple: Automate, automate, automate.

Don’t even think about using a spreadsheet, because we all know it’s not 100% reliable. Click here to read about spreadsheet nightmares.

A good sales compensation software can help you automate your sales commissions, no matter how complex your plan is. Goodbye headaches!

What are the Top 3 Features of a Good Sales Compensation Software?

  1. It lets you customize it to your heart’s content. Not all payout schedules are the same. Not all payees are the same. Not all sales compensation plans are the same. The sales compensation world can be as complex as trying to figure out how much hair you have on your head. Well, not really. But you get the picture. A good sales compensation software lets you define all these things and more, based on what suits your company’s needs.
  2. It allows you to share commission statements with your sales reps. Clear reporting of sales commission calculations allows the sales reps to develop trust in the process. Increased trust often translates to increased morale.
  3. It is affordable. What is a great sales compensation software if your business can’t even afford it? A flexible and reliable solution shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Need I say more?

One such software is QCommission. It has all the three features mentioned above, but don’t take my word for it. Contact us today and allow us to do a needs analysis / demo. We want to make sure that our product is what your business needs.

CONTACT US TODAY and allow us to help you end that sales commission headache.

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