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2015 New Year Resolution – The End of “Sneakerware”

Easy-Commission2015 New Year Resolution
By Heather Peterson

As we start a new year, people look back and take time to reflect on their year. Fun memories were made, relationships formed, new things learned, but yet some things could have gone better. This reflection time leads people to make their annual resolutions on how this New Year can and will be better. People all around the world make lists of resolutions of new things to try, change, or cut out of their lives. The all-important “New Year’s Resolutions.” Continue reading

Zoom Zoom the Accounting Close Process

speed odometer
Fast Track to a Quick Accounting Close

 By Heather Peterson

Accounting departments are under pressure to speed up the monthly closing process for management.  Data integration is the key to success yet a recent survey indicates small to medium size businesses are seriously challenged in their ability to share critical financial data. Continue reading