Slow and Steady Completes Funding Milestone!

Got FundedCellarStone Inc, a sales commission management solutions provider, announced last week its first round of venture funding from Seattle based Lighter Capital.

Like the fable hare, companies raising venture funding immediately grow too big too fast. Companies quick to take on investors and VCs prove time and again to come up short of the finish line. Skipping the fundamental initial slow growth period with a quick sprint leads to product and staff exhaustion and unhappy clients.

CellarStone history has been able to keep a lean operating environment while offering products such as QCommission and Easy-Commission.  By focusing on serving smaller customers, it enabled the Company to generate big ideas. In addition, the absence of an investor stronghold allowed for reaching profitability with integrity and equity intact.

CellarStone recently completed its first round of funding and attributed its success to these top 3 reasons:


  1. Built a business model that focused on the Small to Medium Size Business market. By initially focusing on small businesses, CellarStone had to create a cost effective and easy to implement solution to help manage the challenges of sales commission management.  Starting with QCommission and then Easy-Commission, CellarStone has developed a suite of products to manage the many sales commission plans deployed. We have seen companies that raise a lot of money fail as they have to move away from the smaller deals that made them successful to chase bigger deals with homerun ROI potential.
  2. Lean and mean strategy allowed for quick movement on opportunities to service clients, providing the great opportunity to listen, learn and act to deliver value in the market.
  3. Using funding for sales and marketing. Investors enjoy seeing a proven business model where the funds invested are used to put gasoline on the fire of success.  In order to do so, the business has to show that it already knows how to make a profit.

With the proven business model, CellarStone reached an important milestone by focusing on one customer at a time.  The company’s core values demonstrate the willingness to strive to be bigger and better every day by demonstrating quality and professionalism. By the work ethic of the tortoise but the build of the hare, CellarStone maintained a dynamic strategy of providing great value to its clients to efficiently service them at a significant cost advantage. Now with a solid foundation of success and a proven team, venture funding proceeds focus on sales and marketing to get the word out instead of fixing decisions previously made in haste.

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Heather Peterson

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