QBConnect 2015: Top 25 Quotes by Oprah

QBConnect 2015QBConnect 2015: Top 25 Quotes by Oprah

We don’t know about you, but our notebooks were filled to the brim with great, inspiring quotes from the awesome speakers at QBConnect 2015. Most of which were from Oprah alone!

QBConnect is the annual software conference hosted by Intuit to promote QuickBooks Online and all the new third party applications to business owners and QB Coaches (Pro Advisors).  Our Easy-Commission Twitter feed (@EasyCommission) was filled with #QBConnect attendees who were saying how inspiring the entire event was, and how the last day was bitter sweet. Everyone was happy that they learned so much, but at the same time sad that it was ending.

We share in everyone’s sentiment.

We couldn’t get over how inspiring the many speakers were especially TV celebrity Oprah Winfrey.  So to share with our friends, clients and followers, we assembled her best quotes.

QBConnect 2015

To keep the inspiration alive, we present to you the top quotes by Oprah.

QBConnect 2015: Top Oprah Quotes

  1. “Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great.”
  2. “Intention is everything.”
  3. “What is my role in this? (Whatever situation you are in). Own your mistakes and your role in any situation.”
  4. “What is the trial here to teach me? What am I blind to that I’m not seeing? How can I use this to move forward?”
  5. “Let every mistake move you forward.”
  6. “You’re waiting on the moment, and I’m telling you the moments are waiting for you.”
  7. “A brand says ‘I can depend on you.’ Brand is consistency over time.”
  8. “If there’s anyone who’s resisted being a brand, it’s me… But okay I’m a brand.”
  9. “Be responsible for the energy you bring into the room.”
  10. “Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”
  11. “Work is supposed to be the vehicle of your purpose.”
  12. “There is no luck. It is the moment of opportunity meeting preparation.”
  13. “I still have my feet on the ground. I just have better shoes.”
  14. “Intention times strength is power.”
  15. “This principle of intention – this is what has defined my life and my business.”
  16. “Use your work to be an expression of your highest intention in this world.”
  17. “Deal with problems when they’re pebbles, not bricks.”
  18. “Your life is speaking to you always in all ways.”
  19. “Let what looks like failure become your strength.”
  20. “If I can’t be a platform for good, I’ll get out of the business.”
  21. “Ask yourself: What is the real work to be done?”
  22. “Everything that is happening to you is also happening for you.”
  23. “Nobody is good at doing what you’re supposed to do than you.”
  24. “Use your mission as your guide – always be consistent.”
  25. “I intuitively understood that the mission of the show was actually bigger than the show itself.”

Did we miss any of your favorite quotes? Feel free to share them on the comments section below!

Note: Photos were taken by our Easy-Commission team (Joe Lindsey & Steve Peterson) who were lucky to score VIP seats – yes, they were sitting within a few feet from the stage! More on that in our next blog post.


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