My Top 10 Favorite Quotes from Total Rewards 2015

WAWLive (1)May 18-20, 2105. QCommission was one of the exhibitors in the recently held Total Rewards Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The conference was for the Fortune 500 HR and Benefits Professionals and was mainly about the changing climate of reward and #salescomp recognition.

Even though I couldn’t physically make it to the venue, I would have to agree with the many participants that the conference was a roaring success. (Congratulations again, World at Work!)

All I needed to do was follow World at Work’s Twitter account (@worldatwork) as well as the event’s official hashtag (#wawlive) and I felt like I was there. Just scrolling through all the tweets with the #wawlive hashtag helped me imagine how inspiring all the speakers were, and I could actually feel how inspired all the participants felt.

To keep the #wawlive positivity alive (hey, that rhymes!), we made a compilation of our favorite quotes from the conference so that you too can enjoy the words of wisdom from these thought leaders. Here are our early favorites listed in no specific order:

  1. “Career advancement is correlated with being able to accept criticism without getting defensive.” @DrPawliwFry
  2. “When under pressure, we need a C.O.T.E. of armor – Confidence, Optimism, Tenacity, Enthusiasm.” @DrPawliwFry
  3. “A smile is a smile no matter where you are in the world.” @hersheys
  4. “Our employees are some of our best guests” so we “wanted to treat our employees as consumers”. @Disney
  5. “We can pick up negativity, stress, and anxiety like second hand smoke.” @shawnachor
  6. “Happiness leads to 10x more engagement. Keep your employees happy with recognition.” @globoforce
  7. “Think about thanks for 21 seconds a day, you will change your life. This is why recognition matters.” @shawnachor
  8. “If you scan the world for negatives you get great at it. It becomes harder to see the positive parts that are there.” @shawnachor
  9. “Re-wire your brain to choose the positive and overcome the negative. It’s possible!” @se_payne
  10. “Normal is statistically average. If we continue to study what’s average, we’ll remain average.” @shawnachor

Now, that’s just a sneak peek. We managed to compile more than a hundred quotes from Total Rewards 2015, and we’re going to pick the best ones that will be part of a new e-book we’ll be launching in a few months. Do watch out for it!

We actually did something similar last year when we attended a Quickbooks Connect conference, and the response was amazing.

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