Five Signs of a Happy Sales Team

Happy Sales Team“Is my sales team happy?”

It’s a valid question. In fact, it’s something that sales managers should be regularly asking themselves.

We asked ourselves, “How would we measure happiness?”  

So, we came up with a list of five things that you can use to check if your sales team is happy or not.

Five Signs of a Happy Sales Team

  1. Complete Financial Transparency. Can your sales reps easily access reports that show their sales commission records? Financial transparency, especially when it comes to their sales commissions, increases a sales reps’ confidence in you and your company. Easy-Commission & QCommission allow reps to have access to their sales commission reports. It’s a feature that helps build trust because it ensures that the reps are being paid properly.
  2. Low Turnover Rate. Are your sales reps resigning one after the other? If not, then good for you! If your sales reps are completely satisfied with the way they are being treated, they’re also most likely to recruit other sales reps to join your company.
  3. Highly Motivated Sales Reps. Is your team always raring to get out there and close deal after deal? Successful reps drive growing and profitable companies. It’s a win-win if they’re happy with their jobs –  because they’re confident that their sales are being properly managed.
  4. Happy Clients. If your clients are happy, it means that your sales reps treated them the way clients want to be treated – like royalty! While some reps are charismatic by nature, most sales reps find it a lot easier to be more zealous around clients when they themselves are happy.
  5. Great Lead Pipeline. A great lead pipeline would mean that marketing, sales, product management, and clients are all in sync. When everything’s in order, everyone’s satisfied.

Now that you’ve gone through our five signs, think back to the question: “Is my sales team happy?” If you concluded that they are, we’re happy for you!

If they’re not happy, or if you’re still unsure at this point, it’s time you took a closer look at things. Set aside some time and actually talk to your team. A simple conversation (one that’s well thought out) can reveal a lot of things. It might take some time out of your already busy schedule, but it would be time well spent.  Put a smile in your team.

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