CellarStone Publishes 2nd E-Book: #PayPeopleProperly

QCommissionIt’s official. Our #PayPeopleProperly: 2015 Trends in Total Compensation Rewards e-book is out!

CellarStone and THiNKaha collaborated for the second time to produce a social media enabled e-book that highlights the top quotes from the recently concluded World at Work 2015 Total Rewards Conference that was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In a blog post that we published immediately after the conference, “My Top 10 Favorite Quotes from Total Rewards 2015”, we gave you a sneak peek at some of our favorite quotes from speakers and attendees alike.

Now, you can view the top 140 quotes from the conference and reminisce the great vibes from the #wawlive experience. But if you weren’t able to make it to the conference, don’t need to worry. Our e-book will make you feel like you were right there.

The top quotes in this e-book are mainly about the changing climate of rewards and sales compensation recognition. You’ll find quotes about what employees want and need, tips on workplace happiness and success, the future of work, and many more.

Here is a snapshot of some of the shareable quotes from the Aha Amplifier™:


THinkaha’s web application called the Aha Amplifier™ allows you to quickly and easily read and share ahas (light bulb moments!) from our e-book straight to your social media feeds!

Want your very own copy of our #PayPeopleProperly e-book? You can download your FREE copy by clicking the link below:

#PayPeopleProperly: 2015 Trends in Total Compensation Rewards

Alternatively, you can go to this link here to instantly share your favorite quotes from the e-book via social media: http://app.thinkaha.com/index.php/external/tweets/267.

Interested in reading the official press release for CellarStone’s new e-book? You can do that by clicking here: http://www.pr.com/press-release/632655.

Were you also at the Total Rewards 2015 Conference in Minneapolis? What were your favorite quotes? Feel free to share them at the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!




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