Sanity Solutions: A Case Study

Sanity Solutions

Case Study: Sanity Solutions

The Experience

Sanity Solutions, offers specialist in data management, backup and recovery solutions plus partners with some of the industry’s largest companies (Cisco, IBM, Citrix, Dell). With so much at stake, Sanity wanted to ensure their sales commission management process was efficient and accurate. Controller Sheila Gentile described Sanity Solution’s commission process as “a manual routine with extensive reliance on Excel. In the past, we have negatively experienced errors with cell calculations as well from the general import of data.” With the goal to seek improved commission accuracy and timeliness, Shiela recalled the challenge of also juggling commissions and other project deadlines.   She needed to find permanent relief for her commission headache.

Sanity Solutions wasted an absurd amount of time processing commissions. Shiela reports in every pay period, “the initial calculations took approximately 12 hours. Then, another 2 hours of additional reconciliations were conducted.” The complicated process wasted over 14 hours of manpower every month processing commissions. Clearly the existing process was not in the best interest of the company, partners, employees, or management.

Sanity Solutions searched for commission software that perfectly fit certain requirements. QCommission went above and beyond on their wish list and ultimately led to the purchase of the QCommission solution. The most critical requirement was for the integration of Salesforce with QuickBooks. As one of the few commission software companies that integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks using the QXchange application, the solution allowed the seamless integration of data between systems.  Secondly, Sanity’s commissions were paid based on the complex system of gross profit. QCommission easily calculates commissions of all kinds of transactions including gross profit. Meeting this important list of demands, QCommission was the clear choice as Sheila explained, “QCommission offers reporting features that go above and beyond standard commission calculations.” She also stated, “The overall aesthetics appear very user friendly and easy to navigate.”

In the time since Sanity’s smooth implementation of QCommission, the company has reported the software exceeded expectations. Sheila noted QCommission was able, “to provide an accurate and easy process for commission calculations and to define reporting features that allow ROI analysis as well as various sales related tools for tracking products and internal SPIFFS.” In addition, Sanity showed a significant savings in time spent on commissions as compared to the 14 hours previously.

About Sanity Solutions

Sanity Solutions is a data management solutions provider that customizes and integrates intelligent solutions across Storage, Data Protection, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, & Data Center Infrastructure- creating distinctive value for every customer. Sanity Solutions provides solutions that eliminate data loss, increase data availability, and lower overall costs. As a market leader, Sanity Solutions partners with the industry’s foremost data management companies to offer customers the most advanced products as part of a comprehensive IT solution. Sanity Solutions needed a commission overhaul that QCommission delivered with efficiency and profitability.

About CellarStone

CellarStone provides a suite of different software solutions and services for customized commission calculations. CellarStone’s suite includes powerful and easy to use software QXchange and QCommission. QXchange provides integration expertise with connectors to CRM solutions such as Salesforce and SugarCRM to QuickBooks, SQL and Excel.  QCommission is a powerful web based sales commission solution that calculates commission accurately by eliminating errors related to spreadsheets and manual methods.  When used in harmony, the client benefits from integrated CRM and accounting software to produce the most accurate and timely sales commission reports. No more commission headaches.

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