Case Study: Robin Ruth Switzerland

Robin RuthRobin Ruth Switzerland Easily Transformed Commission Processing Using Easy-Commission

Guest Blogger: Pallavi Priyadarshni (Implementation & Support, CellarStone)

Robin Ruth was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam by designer Boaz Avrahami. The company was soon recognized as a metropolitan casual lifestyle brand for urbanists with a non-confirming, free spirited attitude.

The aim of Robin Ruth is to provide original and high quality fashion and clothing accessories. They believe that the reasons for their success are the people, products and the service offered to the customers. Nowadays they are represented in more than 45 countries and the designs are worldwide known. 

Sybille Amram from Robin Ruth was looking for online software that could calculate commissions for their sales staff.  After evaluating multiple solutions, Sybille discovered Easy-Commission and decided to try it out.

The commission was paid dependent on whether the sale was made to a new customer or an existing customer. The features that Sybille was looking for in a solution were:

  • Easy to use application
  • Administrator can easily import transactions and related matter data
  • Ability to setup and administer the commission plan with minimal effort
  • Can run a quick calculation
  • Online access to the reps to view their transactions and commissions.
  • Email Commission statements to reps if needed.

Sybille was able to setup the commission plans independently. At times when a clarification or help was needed, the team from Easy-Commission, stepped in and provided necessary guidance.

“We have experienced great customer service from the Easy-Commission team. They adjusted the Easy-Commission tool to our needs and gave excellent support during the set up and the test phase. The interface is pretty intuitive but it needs some time to get used to and to find the correct things.” says Sybille Amram from Robin Ruth Switzerland.

“Thanks to the team and we are looking forward to have “Easy” “Commission” from now on. Excellent customer service” adds Sybille.

About Easy-Commission

Easy-Commission is one of CellarStone‘s affordable yet highly esteemed products. It is a flexible and powerful sales commission application that can meet the needs of customers of all sizes.

It helps companies pay commissions accurately and on time while reducing administrative cost, time, and effort. It is completely web-based and allows a company’s sales reps access to their commission statements, thus increasing trust and productivity.

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