Case Study: Dickson Resources

Guest Blogger: Raj Kumar Palraj (Implementation Executive, CellarStone India)

Dickson ResourcesBusiness Challenge

Dickson Resources does Contract and Permanent placements. Commissions are calculated differently for each one of their recruiters. Here are some of the highlights of the commission calculation challenges faced by the company:

  • The commission rate varies per recruiter.
  • The commission rate is based on a tier rate matrix. Commission is paid on different events. A portion of it is released on collection and another portion is released after a pre-defined time. It was critical for the commission software to have the ability to calculate and show outstanding commission as well as audit, track and preserve commission payments.
  • Commission software should be able to manage to draw out of the box.

Dickson Resources felt the need to automate their commission calculation and move away from the time consuming and error-prone way of handling it in Excel files. The company wanted to increase its efficiency and they wanted to be able to clearly show to their recruiters their current and outstanding commissions.

Dickson Resources was in the market for a solution to their complex commission plan.

Solution & Implementation

After reviewing different sales commission software in the market, Dickson Resources decided to go with QCommission.

Jersey Ross, Executive Assistant and Office Manager of Dickson Resources worked with the QCommission Team to implement the solution. The project started with a series of meetings with Mr. Ross to understand all aspects of their commission plan. Plan configuration, testing and validating the results against the production data was fairly quick and easy.

Testing highlighted some additional exceptions which were quickly resolved. Once the results were validated, the QCommission Team arranged for a couple of training sessions. Once Mr. Ross was fully trained on using QCommission, Dickson Resources went live. 

Business Benefits

With the automated solution, Dickson Resources enjoys the benefits of:

  • Accurate commission calculation
  • Timely distribution of clear commission statements to their Recruiters
  • Even last minute payments can be quickly processed, so Recruiters receive their commissions without having to wait for the next payroll cycle
  • Less manual effort and more time for business analysis

Customer Feedback

Very Pleased…!
My company has been using QCommission for several months now. While it has taken some time to work out the kinks, we absolutely love it! The program is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. And if I’ve had any problems, customer support has always contacted me back promptly to resolve the issue. I would highly recommend this product and the team behind it!

Jersey Ross
Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Dickson Resources

About Dickson Resources

Dickson Resources is a Nashville based IT Recruiting, Web Design and Application Architecture consulting firm. The company specializes in all things IT and is also the parent company of Storage Staffing, a nationwide search firm focusing on Data Management professionals

Dickson Resources offers Candidate Service, Resume Service and Salary Review. When Dickson Resources works with a candidate, the candidate is in control of the process and the service is 100% confidential. The service is always free to the candidate. Resume service will review a candidate’s resume and will work with them to enhance and tailor their resume to today’s  IT job market ensuring it speaks to the specific nuances of the position the candidate is seeking.  Dickson Resources will review the current salary structure and history in comparison to what our experts are currently seeing in the Nashville market to better align the client with the candidate.

About QCommission

QCommission is one of CellarStone‘s highly esteemed products. It is a flexible and powerful sales commission product that can meet the needs of customers of all sizes. It helps companies pay commissions accurately and on time while reducing administrative cost, time, and effort. QCommission also has the ability to communicate commissions clearly, thus increasing the productivity and trust of a company’s salespeople.

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