2015 New Year Resolution – The End of “Sneakerware”

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By Heather Peterson

As we start a new year, people look back and take time to reflect on their year. Fun memories were made, relationships formed, new things learned, but yet some things could have gone better. This reflection time leads people to make their annual resolutions on how this New Year can and will be better. People all around the world make lists of resolutions of new things to try, change, or cut out of their lives. The all-important “New Year’s Resolutions.”

So top of the new year resolution list in 2015 for companies is to end data integration method referred to as “sneakerware”.   So what is sneakerware?  It is the low tech process of downloading data from system A and then walking it over on a thumb drive or CD to system B for uploading using your feet. Look at your own office and see how you connect data between systems in order to make your processes work.

The solution to the resolution is integrated software systems. “No Muss, No Fuss”. Resolutions challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself. Ending the constant physical act of muddling through multiple software systems comes with many benefits to streamline any business to become the best business possible.

Below is a list of pros and cons of integrated systems to demonstrate why ending sneakerware should be on every business’ Resolution List for 2015.

Cons: Struggling without an automated data integration system

  1. Loss of customers

A lack of timely information and modern business practices can leave customers displeased and seek integrated systems elsewhere.

  1. Incomplete updates

Constantly working between multiple systems requires the audience to know when last update was processed and does not allow for a clear picture of what’s happening.

  1. Misuse of employee time and effort

Wasting time fumbling with disjointed processes increases errors as well as time away from productive work.

  1. Data integrity Risk

Introducing a manual process increases the risk of data errors.

Pros: Benefits of Integrated Systems

  1. Accelerated process

Expansion into multiple offices and remote workforce can be quickly accomplished through an integrated system.

  1. Real-time oversight

Allows for timely decisions and insights without wasting time and resources to compile data.

  1. Competitive modernization for company and clients

Offer you clients the ease and simplicity of the technology of the future by integrating and leave the slow adopters in the dust.

  1. Cut down IT nightmares and costs

Eliminating the constant back and forth between systems, IT services can focus on improving business operations.

  1. All-around company efficiency

PeopleProcessProductsEvery process within the company gains innovation in every aspect including management, accounting, sales reps, and human resources.  Marcus Lemonis (CEO of Camping World and the hit TV show The Profit) subscribes to the Lean Management principals of “People, Process and Product”.  If your focus is not on Process, then how is a business to be successful?

  1. Reach new markets

One of the critical strategic issues is to expand your business into new markets.  If you can’t reach your clients, then you are simply an island with limited bridges to connect to it.

Resolutions are well known for being forgotten a week or to into the New Year. But this is not a weight loss or stop smoking type resolution.  This is a resolution that you need to keep. According to CMSWire, “nearly 50 percent of organizations cite full integration with other technologies as their top criterion for new technology adoption.” The top reason for this adoption of new technology is for retention and satisfaction of customers. CMSWire went on to explain, “Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of respondents view improving customer satisfaction as the top reason to invest more in technology.” If you want to be happy in the 2015, keep your customers happy.

System integration does not have to expensive.  One of the least expensive and easiest integration software in the market is QXchange.com.  It integrates with many of the SMB (small to medium size businesses) accounting and CRM solutions. Current integrations include:

  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Sage 50 and 500
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX
  • Mannatec
  • Access
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Excel
  • Oracle Fusion CRM

Sneakers were not designed to be the critical COG in the business process.  Remember per YourDictionary.com that a COG is “a person or thing regarded as a minor but necessary part of the structure of an activity or organization”. Do you want your business to be dependent on this critical piece?  Untie that COG restriction and look to automate the communication of data between your business information systems.  Now that is a New Year’s resolution that will provide many benefits in the new year.


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